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Exertherm MCC In-drawer 24x7

Exertherm MCC In-drawer 24x7

24 X 7 Thermal monitoring 

Unique in drawer solution

Motor Control Centres (MCC) represent a major source of failure.

Ecertherm MCC Kit/ Components:
1. MCC Datacard
2. MCC Sensor Loom
3. MCC Lead Unit 


These failures are caused by a number of different factors including:-
* The impact of constant thermal cycling on the joints ;
* Weakening of spring - type connectors (jaws);
* The high number of site made termination ;
* Risk increase with MCC age; and 
* the effect of these factors is multiplied by difficulty in maintaining these locations

Unique 'in-bucket' solution :-
* Reduces risk of outages
* Increases Safety 
* No on - going maintenance ; and 
* Suitable for new -build or retrofit 
* Also detects phase imbalance 


Benefits :
* Increased operators & facility safety 
* Increased operational up time
* Reduced risk of fire / explosion 
* Real-time-data= improved critical assets integrity 
* No on-going maintenance
* Suitable for retrofit or new-build
* Easy integration option
* Phase imbalance detection = improved motor life

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