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Dust Concentration Monitor for Hot Gasses

The StackGuard continuously monitors the scatted light intensity of an extracted, withdrawn sample of gas. The laser light source minimized stray light and improves sensitivity to the µg/m³ level, the filtered purge air prevents from window soiling. A calibration check is performed by means of a checking rod.

  • Monitoring of hot gases in individual setup for facilities not under directives 2000/76/EC and 2001/80/EC

  • Continuous measurement of particulate matter concentration via scattered light principle

  • Automatic zero and span drift check and adjustment

Nominal range

0 .. 100 PLA (Polystyrol-Latex-Aerosols)

Scale ranges

max. 8 ranges between 0..0.05 PLA and 0..100 PLA


0.0002 PLA



Sample flow rate

25..50 l/min

Power input

25 W (basic version)


ca. 8.4 kg (basic verson)

Sample temperature

max. +170°C

Sample pressure

max. ±3'000 Pa (±30 mbar)


Profibus DP (optional)


2 x 0/4 .. 20 mA, max. 600 ohms
2 x relais contacts max. 250 VAC, max. 4 A
digital in-/outputs max. 5 V

Ambient environment

-20 .. +50° C
0 .. 99% rel. humidity, not condensing

Maximum service altitude

3,000 m above sea level

Power supply

85..264 V / 47..63 Hz
or 24 VDC

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