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LoLog450 Data Logger

LoLog450 Data Logger

LoLog 450 is a highly flexible and cost effective data logger. Completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered it is designed for portable use and can be supplied in single or dual channel variants.

The analogue channel can be used for internal pressure and external pressure. We also offer a 4-20mA channel and our digital channel is available for flow and status data. The dual option combines one analogue and one digital channel, or two analogue channels.


Network Modelling
Available with 0.1% accuracy for network modelling applications. Please specify at order if required.

Customer Metering Diagnostics
Quickly attached to any pulse output meter to enable urgent investigation. Will immediately start logging.

Demand Management Assessments 
The small, light logger fits easily into boundary boxes and is widely used to assess demand in residential areas.

District Monitoring
Highly economical and well suited to connection to networks where telemetry not desirable or appropriate.

PRV Logging
The pressure channel variant monitors PRV performance.


  • Long term monitoring: 5 year battery life in typical use
  • Superior system connectivity: Second channel enables connection to other devices 
  • Expandable memory: Up to one million data values on single channel variant if purchased with optional memory upgrade 
  • Durable: The LoLog comes in a rugged plastic case
  • Pressure sensors: Internal or external pressure sensor, 4-20mA.
  • Local data download: Via Infra-Red interface into Laptop, PC or PDA
  • Software compatibility: Fully compatible with Radwin and Radwin Lite software
  • Multiple logging modes: Cyclic logging, Stop when Full, Start and Stop and Event Logging
  • Excellent serviceability: The unit can be opened and directly accessed
  • Low maintenance: The high IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period 
  • Challenging environment: High temperate pressure transducer avalible

Digital  Uni- or Bi-directional pulse/status
 Analogue  Internal or External Pressure Transducer
 Communication Infra-red port for connection to a PDA hand held computer, laptop, tablet or desktop PC
 Dimensions  91.8H x 125.6W x 44D mm              (3.56”H x 4.9”W x 1.7”D).
 Construction  Rugged plastic enclosure.
Weight 210g (0.5 lb). (Can vary by option)
Operating Temp -20 to +60°C (-5 to +140°F)
Ingress protection IP68 submersible
Power Lithium battery operational for 5 years under typical operating conditions.

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