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Flamgard Plus

Flammable gas detector with display

A flameproof (Ex d) pellistor based detector with display & 4-20mA output, for hydrocarbons, hydrogen & petrol vapours.

Flamgard Plus is a Flameproof (Exd) flammable gas detector which uses poison-resistant pellistors to detect explosive levels of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other flammable gases and vapours, including aviation fuel and leaded petrol vapours.

Non-intrusive calibration
Calibration can be performed locally without the need for hot work permits. Local display and magnetic key enable calibration without opening the junction box.

Flexible output options
A 4-20mA signal is provided and optional alarm and fault relays are available to drive local alarm devices. If required the sensor can be mounted remotely from the display / transmitter enclosure.

Rugged and reliable
Constructed using highly durable marine-grade alloy with a tough polyester coating. Ingress protection to IP65 as standard. Uses long-life poison resistant pellistors.


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